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Back To The Future

The ’80s were the best decade ever.

At least that’s the impression you get if you saunter into a club or party these days. From hotel lounges to hipster soirees, when a DJ spins one of the decade’s percolating synth-pop numbers, the dance floor suddenly floods with revelers busting herky-jerky moves not witnessed since Molly Ringwald’s heyday.

Add to that phenomenon a host of new ’80s-influenced bands, like Interpol, the Faint, the Rapture and the Epoxies, to name just a few among a flock of sequels, and we’re in the throes of a full-on revival. Need further proof? Even leg warmers have returned as a must-have fashion accessory, thanks to Karen O., the art-damaged vocalist for New York’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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