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What the devil is this? Good question.

By chance, design or invitation you, my friend, have discovered one man’s treasure/trash trove of recorded works, both journalistic and musical.

My through-line, if you will, is a passion for music and all things forward-leaning, righteous and/or dumbly fun in the way only rock ‘n’ roll can encourage. I’ve written songs from the time of my first heartbreak (in the seventh grade, approximately), and while my heart has since mended just fine, thanks, and been filled brimfully several times over, cheers, the compulsion to capture emotional states through words, music and amp hum has continued unabated. You can sample the results through groups such as Plastic Ants, Hot Coma, and Skinny Mirrors, as well as in my solo work.

But that’s not all!

Seemingly ages ago, I was a full-time rock journo. I covered once-fringe music as Editor-In-Chief at Alternative Press and went on to pen pieces for publications such as Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Guitar One, The Big Takeover, InterviewTeen People, and, not lastly, Cleveland’s daily, The Plain Dealer. Many of those stories are long out of print and their original hosts out of ink, sadly, but since they still bring a chuckle to their author and offer a glimmer of relevance in these nostalgia-drunk times, I thought I’d share them here for your amusement.

Thanks for reading, listening or otherwise lingering. Let’s take things slowly and see where they lead, shall we? And if you like what you read, be sure to check out my latest venture, The Fire Theft Project: Conversations On Creativity, an interview series with creative thought leaders, including Fred Armisen, Wayne Coyne and Tig Notaro.



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